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RenÚ and Ingemar discussing with Graciela at the museum in Sarmiento

The valley of Oscar's dreams "Valle Genoa"



JosÚ de San Martin

All visitors from Sweden and Brazil, with our guide Jessica. From left: RenÚ, Ronald, Pńr, Ingemar, Bj÷rn, Fred, Helena, Oscar.


A visit to a school in JosÚ de San Martin

The tombs of two young swedish men who met their destiny in San Martin

Ronald donating pictures and items to the museum

Gaucho and sheep herd along the road to Rio Pico

The eastern slopes of the Andes with Chile on the western side



In the middle of nowhere on the road to Gobernador Costa


 Gobernador Costa

The only remaining building from Oscar's days in the early 1900's. Probably a living room adjacent to the former general store.


El intendente, Ingemar, Fred, Bj÷rn, RenÚ looking at documents

Gobernador Costa

Jessica and Mariela in front of the museum

The swedish/brazil visitors to the museum


Rio Pico

RenÚ, Hommerberg (whos grandfather left Malm÷ for Argentina in the years between 1915 and 1920), Ronald and Bj÷rn



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